Tuesday, June 4, 2013

weekend scenes...

a little bit from a busy weekend...
warm enough to tan on the balcony with a bathing suit! (and get a slight burn on my back from the top i wore earlier in the day)
"guys, i just want to play."
dylan tried to scare me. 
we went back for even more doughnuts. a tweet went out at 5:30pm that all dozen and half dozen were half price. considering the doughnuts are $4 each, and 6 at 1/2 price was $10, we sped over. we aren't complete pigs, i brought 3 to my parents the next morning. they're just so, so good.
dinner + dessert at my aunt and uncles.
morning coffees on the balcony. and of course, i love my city.
 volunteering at an event that many, many months of work went into. it was my last day on the job (my social media/office one), and it's always great to see work come to fruition. i will say, i had very little to do with putting it together, but i sat through so many meetings and sent out so many emails dealing with it.
 from 10am-11pm, every hour there was a different band on stage. this was the first act, so there wasn't much of an audience yet. but as the day went on, the crowds really grew (and the rain passed, so the off and on weather didn't help). although i was already gone in the evening, i saw plenty of pictures that showed packed streets, which was awesome.
vendors, food trucks, and children's sections, too (oh my!)


Brittany SSP said...

Is that a doughnut with Captain Crunch on it?! Because that's really what it looks like...

Danielle V. said...

Looks like a really nice weekend! I went to a street fair this weekend that looks similar to the event you were at!


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