Thursday, June 6, 2013

i've made a huge mistake...

i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but i have dreams about jogging; i want to be a jogger/runner so badly. but sadly, i suck at it. at this point, i can run maybe 1/4km. that might be pushing it ;) so naturally, i signed up for a 5k. umm what? yeah. i did. and i made dylan join with me. i'm doing it with 2 friends and we're doing a color run in september! i've been dying to run in one of those forever. needless to say, i have a lot of work to do.

yesterday we went on a 7km walk, i did lunges and squats, and we played squash (it's an amenity at the condo). man was it ever hard work, but it was quite fun. i missed hitting the ball more times than i hit it, and my one arm feels like jello, but i'm looking forward to going back and working up a sweat and getting better.

 i can't even tell you how sore i am today. ouch.


Brittany SSP said...

I so understand the feeling, I actually just changed part of my tagline/description to "Wanna-be runner and traveler," because in my head I think about these things all the time haha! The Color Run is super fun, I did it back in the fall. Looking at signing up for an obstacle course run next so I have some motivation to get back on the road.

Danielle V. said...

Ah, I signed up for a Color Run this August! I can barely run a quarter of a mile haha. Soooo... it's probably time to try and change that :-P


Quinn said...

I rollerbladed for an hour today and now I feel like my legs are no longer connected to my body. I think about halfway through they just said "FUCK IT! WE QUIT!" and left me.

I am now a cripple. A slightly fitter (does a one-time thing make you fitter?) cripple, buta cripple nontheless.

Unknown said...

Check out a book called Run Your Butt Off. It's massive expensive, but if you have a kindle it's affordable! Easiest program ever. I'm like you - I want to be a jogger, but I'm not exactly there yet. Gotta be able to go a mile, ya know?

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