Friday, June 7, 2013

tids + bits...

it's a gloomy friday around these parts, but i'm about to make myself a coffee and watch last nights hannibal. anyone watch that show?? it's so good and so creepy. and ps: it's filmed in toronto. i've recognized a few places, and i'm hoping it'll get picked up for season 2, so i can go spy on some filming ;) i'm also stupidly excited for woofstock this weekend. we've gone the last couple years and it's always a blast and full of crazy freebies.
city life can be full of lush greens, too, not just glass buildings.
chloe gets extra close in the morning to let me know she's awake and ready for the day.
a rainy day.
we love our zucchini boats around here. added a side of roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts.
chloe is pretty timid of most dogs, so we're taking her to dog parks to overcome that.
hanging with cows. normal.
nova scotia came to toronto!
yesterday i tried a few doughnuts from a new place that had just opening up literally 2 hours before. a fan, i was not, unfortunately. 
dylan sneaks pictures of me cooking and then texts them to me. 

have a good weekend! 

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Haylee said...

Not a fan of the bacon donut even huh? I've been meaning to try one of those but I can never seem to find them around where I live! That's a bummer you didn't like them though.
Your puppy is super adorable by the way! I love her name too.

Tracy Say's said...

Looks like a wonderful kitchen to cook in!

Brittany SSP said...

I would try the doughnut place again in a few weeks. It's been my experience that places are usually SO hectic on opening days/the first few weekends that they generally aren't on their A-game. Maybe after some time to get all the kinks worked out they will be better!

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