Friday, June 21, 2013

in my dreams...

my birthday is just a month away (july 19th), so i thought i would just jot down my dream birthday weekend. of course, i've already checked out prices on our trusted megabus and they're too expensive. i know it can't happen this year, but maybe if i put it out there, the nyc gods will find a way ;) my ideal day in the city would consist of some of my favorite things, including, but not limited to:

breakfast and coffee at our favorite coffee shop; mud.
crème brûlée doughnuts from doughnut plant.
rowing in central park.
maybe a pizza at grimaldi's.

i would also like to try a cronut, just because. obviously this list shows that i love nyc food. i would add seeing the book of mormon, because i've wanted to since it came out 2 years ago, but umm a pair of tickets is like, $500. yeah, no.  that's about 1.5 months of groceries!

all that said, my number one reason for wanting to go is to see the rain room exhibit. it finishes on july 28, and who knows if it will ever make an appearance in nyc again. it's just so darn cool looking. and i kind of want a romantic kissing picture.

a girl can dream!

*updated to add: i recently found a place called sweet revenge on yelp. it serves cupcakes and wine. and they have red velvet waffles with whipped cream cheese. sold*


Ginny said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

The Book of Mormon was playing in Boston but the tickets were soooo expensive. I would rather see it in New York but $500.00!!! Yikes.

safire said...

Your birthday is the day before my sister's birthday :) Hello Cancer Babies!

Your day sounds like the perfect NYC day. I'll be in NYC twice in August to visit my sister who lives there.

The eateries you've listed are some of my favs! I've never been to mud before though. The fab thing about NYC is that you don't have to repeat anything twice unless it's THAT good.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten to the rain room yet but my friends that have say that it is really wonderful. I hope the NYC gods "rain" down on you and you are able to see it!

Unknown said...

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Katlynn said...

My birthday is July 19th as well!! Happy early birthday. :)

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