Monday, June 3, 2013

concerts on the beach...

red bull canada has decided to put on what they call the red bull tour bus, where bands play for free in their hometown city on a red bull tour bus that transforms into a complete sound stage. playing in toronto was tokyo police club (i've heard of them, but didn't know any songs), and opening for them was a band i hadn't heard of, dinosaur bones. they were playing at sugar beach, so we decided to check them out. tokyo police club did 1 song during sound check, then the other band went on and got through maybe 4 songs and the clouds let loose and it started pouring. luckily we were under a small tree, so at first it was providing a little shelter. that is until it started raining sideways. everyone was huddling together and although it didn't last very long, we decided to forego the concert because we didn't want to spend the rest of the time wet and cold. the only solution to make ourselves feel better was to order pizza and then go to dairy queen.
tokyo police club during sound check.
dinosaur bones.
it's weird when i'm the tallest (i'm 5'2")

and here comes the rain.

we finished the day with very grey skies, but a beautiful sunset.


Ivvy said...

The sunset piture is so pretty.

daniela said...

Went to sugar beach last weekend (of course took no pics) and it was awesome, there was like no one there, but I totally thought it would be bigger! I so, so, so want to go for dinner/drinks at that Against The Grain location!

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