Monday, May 6, 2013


while we didn't have a lot planned this weekend, it felt like we were going non-stop and always out and about. i guess that's what i love so much about this city and why it makes me so happy to be back. the patio weather has continued and we took full advantage of that..3x i think? yikes.
 thursday day drinking. we like it.
 my absolute favorite salad from a new favorite place of ours.
 on our way to a bbq put on by dylan's work on friday.
 the beef brisket was incredible, the chicken was delicious, and the potatoes, and pasta were good, too. i can't believe how much i ate. i wish his work would have a bbq a few times this summer ;)
 saturday; more shorts weather!
 my parents came for a visit, more patio dining took place, and then a little shopping.
another cloudless, perfect day on sunday.

flowers are blooming!

we walked around the city for about 6 hours on sunday, our poor feet. but, we discovered new (to us) neighborhoods and plenty of restaurants we can't wait to try this summer.

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Blicious said...

wow gorgeous weather! love your pics!

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