Friday, May 3, 2013

city dog...

my parents had chloe for about a week prior to our move, and then for our first week here while we got all settled. now that she's back, she's completely used to everything and loving being back in the city and all the long walks she gets. 
 after an hour long walk, she was saying, "mom! common! help me on your lap. i'm too tired to jump!"

there's a ridiculous amount of dogs in the building, which is awesome. even though she's nervous of most dogs ha. 

we're off to a work bbq that dylan has today and i'm definitely looking forward to some of the southern style bbq that they mentioned on the invite. plus, i'm hoping to get a little tan, maybe? it's going to be warmer than yesterday, about 22 degrees (celsius), and i even got a little burn! bye bye pasty! 


safire said...

I'm a total dog person so I love these closeups of Chloe :)

Have a great weekend! Hope you get a nice tan and enjoy the weather.

Clarinda said...

I haven't stopped by in FOREVER! (you should really set up email subscriptions, justsayin). Chloe is just as adorable as alwasy!! Hope you are doing well. :)

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