Friday, May 17, 2013

what it feels like...

last week, the weather got a little crazy and between heavy rain, some serious fog rolled in. what you see below is what we saw standing on our balcony, unedited. it was an opaque wall of fog and honestly, really creepy to look out at. a little while later, dylan was outside the condo with his cousin, calls me, and tells me to meet him downstairs, and to have his cousins wife and 2 girls come along to go the grocery store since it wasn't raining and he thought they would like to see the cn tower. we get down there, and it starts spitting. we have no umbrellas.

we're about a 5 minute walk from a grocery store, so we get there, get a few things like pizza and chips, pay, and head out. we hit the door and it's absolutely pouring out. like, torrential downpour. the thing i'm most concerned about my little leopard flats. granted, they're only rocket dog and from marshalls (therefore not expensive), but still, that's how i ruined my last pair of leopard flats; by wearing them in the rain. so i do what any normal person would do in a situation like that; take my shoes off, tuck them in my jean jacket, and walk home barefoot. what can i say, i like to live on the edge.

soaked. drenched. 
but happy my shoes made it home dry!

anyways, happy long weekend my fellow canadians! enjoy it! the weather is looking a heck of a lot better than what we saw in this post.

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