Wednesday, May 15, 2013

rain room...

i found out about the 'rain room' at moma yesterday (which goes until july 28th) from joanna's blog and i was mesmerized. i think it's just the neatest thing and such a cool concept. i would love to see it before it's gone. basically, you stand in a room that's raining, but it detects your movement and the water pauses, therefore keeping you dry, though if you move too quickly, apparently you may get wet. here's a little video that gives you a better idea. and here are some beautiful pictures that were taken. i was looking on instagram at all the pictures, using #rainroom, and spend way too long oohing and aahing.  (*i'm sure the lines will be insane for this, since they only let 10 people in at a time. i wonder if there's a time limit?*)

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this april was the first year in many years we haven't gone to nyc. i think we've been 6 or 7 times together now (+ all the times i've gone with my mom or friends, i love the city, duh), but i suppose we had a good reason for not going last month; moving into a sweet place! however, i still get a little sad thinking we missed a year. maybe, just maybe, we'll get there before this exhibit is over?? ;) 

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Amber said...

That is amazing. I definitely am adding this to my bucket list!

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