Monday, April 22, 2013

taping; party of 1...

a couple nights ago, i came to our new place to get all the taping done in prep for painting the next day. dylan went off to work and i taped away. as much as i could reach anyways. bright and early the next day, we picked up our friend and got to work.
 lots to do..
 a seriously boring job.
 yay for proper full length mirrors!
a little dinner and the oc once i was done.

 9ft ceilings; not the easiest.

painting white (on white) is slightly hard.

the one good thing about living in a small place is that there's less painting to do. i think the whole place took about 4 hours. not too shabby. but next time, i think i would rather just hire a painter. i have no desire to go through all that work again, trying to cut the corners and make it perfect (ours aren't, but that's ok). 


daniela said...

Lookin' good! You might change your mind after you get a painter's's pretty damn crazy :P

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm lucky that my mom likes painting... she likes turning her music on and just going to work. This summer I'm having her do our bedroom... I'm excited for the change!

Amber said...

Looks fun! I bet y'all did good.

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