Tuesday, April 23, 2013

pivot! pivot!

moving day went surprisingly smoothly given the fact that we didn't have as much packed as we would have liked. it started out at about 7:30am, dylan got the truck around 8am, and then his friend and brother met us at our place to start getting it loaded. they actually helped us pack a lot of other things we weren't planning on taking just yet, just because we were ready early, but didn't have the service elevator at our new place until 3:30pm.
 let's do this!

pivot! pivot! pivvvoootttt!!
 our life in a truck.
 nope. not excited at all.
 time to unpack now..
 everything. everywhere.
never-ending boxes.

somehow, somehow we unpacked everything and this place was completely ready within 24 hours. i have no idea how we did that. in our other place, i think it took us a good month to get settled and get everything put away and pictures hung. not here! we still have our other place for a month and have random stuff still there in storage (truthfully, we have no idea what's down there. we haven't been down/looked in our storage for 9 months, which means there's a good chance we don't need anything in there and can sell the stuff. the only remaining thing left to do there is clean it spotless for the next tenant!  

waking up at 7am, still laying in bed, and this is now my view.

we're loving it here. obviously.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome view! And I laughed out loud at the "Pivot" comment!! HAHA!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Snort. Thank you for the title of this post.

And that view! Oh my gosh, STUNNING.

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