Friday, April 5, 2013

signed, sealed, delivered...

we have a place to live in toronto!!! woohoooo!! the whole process was surpringly easy and fast (like, from viewing approx 12 places, to choosing, waiting, then signing final papers, it was about 6 days). we dealt with a great brokerage that took care of everything, like i mentioned here. we didn't end up getting the one i mentioned in that post, but we got something totally better in every way. still brand new, but we even somehow managed to get an 'upgraded' unit, meaning a little more storage and stainless steel appliances. *dying* we put our offer in sunday night after going back earlier in the day to view more places. turns out, we left out a few initials on the documents and didn't get it sent back in until monday morning. the landlord had until tuesday at 6pm to decide. at this point, we had already lost out on a few places (which, like i said, now benefited us and was meant to be) and were trying not to get our hopes up. this place just seemed too good to be true. i mean, it's higher than the 30th floor, i'll say that much.

mid-day tuesday, i got an email from our agent saying that the landlord would like to work with me and dylan and that they were coming back with a counter offer. a few hours later we received the offer with minor changes, decided they were worth it, and signed the papers!! we both did a little dance, high fived each other and were in total disbelief.

now, we're moving even earlier than expected. see, we moved in here last july 1st. our landlord accidentally put june 1 when we signed the lease. we were hoping to move to toronto may 1 and move over the month of may slowly. however, this toronto landlord, when he countered back, said april 15th. obviously, we took it, and let out landlord know that if he wants to rent our place now for may 1st, by all means go ahead. it'll save us a months rent. so that's how things all played out! we get our keys in 10 days! holy shit!

totally squealed when reading this.

she's excited, too.

dylan was a party pooper and didn't want to participate in my celebratory pictures. honestly though, i'm pretty sure he's even more excited than me. he won't stop talking about our new place and moving and asking if i've "heard back from the agent yet about when we're meeting him to give more documents?!" like, asks me that at least 3x a day in a giddy tone.

time to get packing?


kathy @ vodka and soda said...

that's fantastic! are you downtown toronto? (i'm in the suburbs of toronto)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yay, that is so exciting! Congratulations to you and Chloe (I'm leaving Dylan out since he's a party pooper, hehe).

Bree said...

@Kathy: Yes! Right downtown :)

Deidre said...

Congratulations! YAY for finding a place, I can't wait to see it.

I hate house hunting. I'm relieved that the Landlord at our place is happy for us to live here for another year.

Amy said...

hey there,
my cousin is looking for a place in toronto right now and is having a really hard time... i remembered reading that you guys used a brokerage, would you mind sharing the name of the company? She isn't super familiar with Toronto and needs to find a dog friendly place in a safe neighbourhood.


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