Monday, April 8, 2013

sunday treats...

just add pastry chef to my resume. just kidding. though the desserts below look really good, i can only take credit for putting them together. of course, we had these delicious creations for dessert when we had our usual sunday dinner at my parents. all the filling is, is mascarpone cheese mixed with lemon pie filling. oh so yummy.

 i popped 3 in 5 minutes while there. and another while writing this post later in the night.
pre-grilled artichokes. 

did i mention that the weather on sunday was incredible? because it was. it reached 18 degrees and we had our first bbq. dad cooked up the artichoke you see, asparagus, feta/green onion/red pepper stuffed chicken breats, basmati rice and salad. hopefully we can still make it for dinners most sundays once we move. i mean, how can we pass up dinners like this, and all the leftovers we take home?


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Why must you make me so HUNGRY!?

Kiki said...

This looks amazing!!! i want some now!! im glad you got to have a great family dinner/bbq!

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

Wow looks amazing girly!

Bridget said...

oh man those little pastry things look really, really good.

Valerie said...

That looks so great! I would love to hear about the grilled artichoke some more. I love artichoke but just can't figure out how to get my family interested. How could anyone turn those down?

Nice Post!
~Your newest follower :)

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