Wednesday, April 24, 2013

lip smackin' good...

for christmas, i got (personal sized) cast iron skillets that i had been asking for for a while. i finally put them to use and made gnocchi gratin for our first official meal in our new place. i was flipping through a magazine a few weeks ago and snapped a picture of the recipe and i've been dying to try it since. let me tell you, it was easy, and really, really delicious and creamy. (although i found it a little on the pricey side, personally. mostly the cheese; the mascarpone was $7.50 and the parmesan $4. to be expected.)
dinner is served.

getting full at this point.

what i liked about the recipe is that it had no oil, butter, or cream. so for a 'mac and cheese', it was fairly healthy. and not lacking in flavor. in the magazine, it said it served 6. ummm..i got everything into 2 personal sized skillets; dylan ate all of his and i ate about 3/4 of mine. so yeah, i wouldn't say it serves 6. but go ahead. make it!

nigella lawson's gnocchi gratin: recipe here.


Julia said...

Okay, I have no idea where to start..
1) You wanted (and got) personal sized cast iron skillets for christmas? You are officially the COOLEST PERSON EVER.

2)I think it is safe to say I gained 20 lbs by just looking at that mouth watering deliciousness

3) I have never cared about weight gain from a foodgasm before, so ignore number 2.

4)I gotta make this.

daniela said...

I wonder if this would work in my cast iron since it's got the 'grill ridges'. I'll have to save up for the cheeses before I try it though ;)

HMF said...

That looks so yummy! It doesn't even look like gnocchi -- it just looks like cheesy deliciousness.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this! I am definitely going to make it sometime soon!

Charlotte said...

This looks so lovely!

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