Monday, April 1, 2013

glossybox [march]...

i've finally had enough of glossybox's crappy boxes after they raised the price (and went all drug store brand) and cancelled a few days ago! *pats self on back* i gave them the benefit of the doubt month after month and things just never changed.  let's see what we have this month...
lots of full size products i see.
youth code is valued at $29.99. i tried it and quite liked it, though i don't know how well it works since i've only used it 2x thus far. and loose eye shadow in a color i won't wear. probably give it to a friend.
conditioning treatment and natural glow; nothing i haven't used before, but i appreciate the full size.
a lip tint, which i've never tried before. valued at $24. really??
my problem is that it looks full, but look how much you have to squeeze to even start getting the tint out. i would say about 10% of the container is full.

total value this month is just over $70, which is great, but in the end, drug store products just aren't cutting it. wish i had better things to say about glossybox, but after exactly 1 year with them, i think they've lost their way and have cheaped out. a few examples of other boxes in the past that involved unique, higher quality products: my first box last aprilred carpet ready september, and glossybox august.

i bid you farewell.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm the same with Birchbox. My free year subscription is finally coming to an end and I won't be renewing.

Amy said...

I recently signed up for the Luxe box, I hear it's a lot better because it only comes out 4 times a year and has a lot of high-end brands.

I also have looked into the Topbox which is way cheaper but I think I like the idea of a seasonal box so you get good products and don't end up with 80 creams

daniela said...

Yay!! Time for a new one :)

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