Friday, March 29, 2013

the hunt...

yesterday, we made our way to toronto to meet a sales rep i had been emailing with and look at a few condos he had set up. as i mentioned another time, the service is free to us and he gets paid commission from the landlord when he gets a tenant. win-win really. he was a young guy, super friendly and knowledgeable and definitely not pushy. we really do love the condo and all the amenities it comes with (pool, sauna, squash court, party room, pool tables, gym, PET SPA..i mean..come on...), and the location. we looked at 2 units in the one building we liked and we're hopefully going back next week to look at a few more and make some offers. who knew you could negotiate what you pay when you're renting?! plus, it comes with parking spot, which is amazing because if it's not included, it's typically about $150-$250/month depending on the condo.

it's not a 2 bedroom like we have now, but it is a one bedroom + den (den basically means a 2nd room but with only 3 walls, so no door, and it's still open to the rest of the place). it feels smaller than what we have now, even though it's slightly bigger. other little things that we like - dishwasher (never had one!), en-suite laundry, and floor to ceiling windows. the only thing i wish it had was more counter space, but we'll make it work if we get into this place. oh, and it's all brand new.

we then took a walk over to this area to look at the huge canoe that we've seen for years when driving by. seriously, the walking we did yesterday, i'll be back in shape in no time.
testing out the panorama camera.
 oh you know, just a giant canoe. 

 city lovers.
 ray-ban selfies.

we always get so excited when we see new places and it's so hard to try to calm yourself down and tell yourself, "it's not yours yet! anything could happen! relax!" but you know, fingers crossed.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eep I am crossing my fingers for you guys! It's hard not to get excited about a place you love.

daniela said...

Is this the one!?

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