Thursday, March 21, 2013

spring in my step...

happy first full day of spring! however, it's -8 degrees C and they're calling for snow later today. funny thing is, on this day last year, it was about 26 degrees C! granted, that was a random, freak of nature, extremely warm day for this time of year, and temps went right back down afterwards, but it was a nice break in the cold.

 i remember...
 eating ice cream..
 laying in the grass..
and eating the best lasagna at the st. lawrence market.

it was a good day (full post here) and though i love winter, i'm itching for warm weather, because warm weather means we're closer to june, which means we're closer to moving back to the city!

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daniela said...

OMG I remember that random March warmth! We actually called in sick to work & then ended up around the beaches. So peaceful because it was a random Monday in March. Sat on a patio, went for a walk. You're right, that was an amazing day to re-live. None of those this year :( Hopefully April is better :)

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