Friday, March 22, 2013

quittin' time...

just over 2 weeks ago, i quit this job and gave my notice. during the busy period of november and december, i was working crazy long days, working 50  hours a week, and taking pictures of kids and families all day long. come january, i had 3 shifts in a month. then in february, i had ONE shift. enough was enough and it was just a waste of my time. plus, there was enough that was going on within the workplace was BS.  i still have my office/social media job, which i quite like and often enough, it's a lot of fun, i just wish the pay was better ;)

c'est la vie. i'll find the right job for me at some point. 

1 comment:

Rachel Emmilee said...

you just follow your heart missy!
good luck with whatever you find, and enjoy the downtime until then:)

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