Wednesday, March 27, 2013

peaks and pits...

time for another round of the peaks and pits of this week and the upcoming week...


-we have a short week this week and next week with easter coming up. short weeks are always good. (how many times can i say 'week' in one sentence?)
-easter candy and chocolate.
-we've started to get the ball rolling on our condo search, which means we're moving in 2 months!!
-temperatures are pretty much on the up and up (slowly) now. yesterday was beautiful. 
-i've found yet another show that i'm kind of hooked on, only 2 episodes in - bates motel. oh and if you don't watch 'the following' already, get on it. it's seriously good. episode 4 (i think) went a little cheesy overboard, but it went back to it's draw dropping, edge of your seat suspense since.
-my boss being on vacation for 3 weeks starting tomorrow and leaving me pretty much in charge of the office. really though, it's only the 2 of us who work in the office daily haha and other board members pop in from time to time and for meetings. i've also got to attend board and exec meetings in her place. fun fun! what this all pretty much means is that i get to work from home the next 3 weeks and go in occasionally to check her email and messages.


-easter candy and chocolate. yes, it's under both categories. when you have no self control, it becomes a bad thing!
-i slept horribly the other night and it's still making me feel sluggish.
-we somehow didn't get around to doing groceries this week and our dinners have been pretty crappy as a result.

i guess it's a good sign when the 'pits' list is nice and short. happy hump day!

see? easter candy! (at my parents)

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Ivvy said...

I was eager to get on The Following but I couldn't even go through episode 1 :( I'm glad you're doing good though :D

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