Friday, March 15, 2013

comin' home...

a couple days ago, we finally made the decision that we are officially moving back to toronto when this lease is up!!! (i could put one million more exclamation points, but i don't want to be obnoxious ;)) as you know, leaving was absolute torture, and i didn't enjoy saying goodbye. i love that city with all my heart and i'm beyond excited. dylan loves the city too, so i know he's really excited, the only reason he needed a little convincing was because toronto is one of the most expensive canadian cities to live in, so obviously out rent will go up quite a bit. I'm pretty much certain we won't be able to afford a 2 bedroom, which would be ideal, but we at least need a one bedroom + den.

we recently found out that you can hire realtors for free (!!) who work for condos and get paid by the condos when they get tenants. so, i'll still be looking online on my own, but hopefully we can give our "wish list" to a realtor in the next few weeks and start the process, & maybe they can find something that we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

while we moved into our place now on july 1st, when we signed the lease, the landlord accidentally put june 1st. so a month earlier would be even better, however, if he realizes his mistake when we give him our notice, it's not a huge deal if we have to stay a month longer until july.

based on a july 1st moving date..omg!!

i cannot wait!! to be back in the city where i feel at home, even though technically it's not my home..i wasn't raised there, i only lived there for 5 years, but still.. i also can't wait to live in the city with dylan; he loves it there, but now he'll get to love it as someone who lives there, not just a visitor.

1 year away was long enough for me..the countdown is on!!

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Amanda said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy that you are moving back to your favorite city!!! :)

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