Monday, March 18, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

i'm a little sad that GFC is going away, it's king of all i've known for the last few years. but i'm hearing good things about bloglovin, and i've already imported my contacts. hopefully things go smoothly come july. you can follow along  with the link above.
because you know you don't want to miss out on pictures of this sweet baby girl.


daniela said...

I *think* it's just Google Reader that's going away, not GFC, so you should still be able to use that for reading through Blogger.
I'm on Blog Lovin' but honestly, don't love it because I have to go to the blog itself to read the entire post. Or I haven't discovered the easier way yet. I've been using Newsblur for a few months and really like it. Pretty sure I imported from Google Reader for that as well.

Amanda said...
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Anonymous said...

And I also meant to comment from my Wordpress link so you can see my blog if you want :)

Anonymous said...

I am having comment-posting difficulties!! I tried to use open ID -- anyways, here's my original comment

Hi!! Thanks for the tip about Blog Lovin'. (and to Daniela about Newsblur!)

I had found a different replacement for Reader but it said that there were something like 200,000 people in front of me waiting to have their blogs imported from Reader. I'm going to try Blog Lovin' for now -- at least it's a place for me to move all my blogs! So thanks again!! And I'm not sure if I ever commented before but I LOVE your blog! (and I follow you on instagram too at amandakruse!)

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