Tuesday, February 19, 2013

our staycation...

friday was a bit of a crazy day for dylan. he had an odd day shift, working from 6am-4:30pm, then when he got home, he got called in for another shift from 9pm-2am. in the short time that he was home, he told me to pick a place and book a hotel where ever i wanted. i didn't want to drive too far (though chicago and michigan were looked at as options just because), so i tried to look for places within a 2-3 hour drive. ultimately, we chose toronto and booked a room at the fairmont royal york. a few weeks ago, dylan had said that he wanted to start staying in only fairmont hotels haha and so this was our first stay with them. our staycation was full of mostly eating, and a minor blizzard all saturday, and it couldn't have been better.

 the lobby.

sleeping quarters for the night.
the best part of hotels.

after we checked in, we walked to the st. lawrence market, wandered around, went for a delicious dinner at hey lucy, saw 'side effects' with movie passes we had (we both really liked it), then went for dessert and coffee/wine at a favorite of ours; 7 west. all of this was done walking in crazy blowing snow. when we got in for the night, we got comfy in the robes and relaxed. 
one of the biggest, sweetes dogs i've ever seen. he was patiently waiting for his owner outside of a store and had a million people all around taking his picture. not a care in the world. and his poor tongue couldn't stay in his mouth :(

lotsa snow comin' down.
they were a little big.
tired.tired.get me to the bed.

sunday was frigid cold, sitting at about -20c, so after a late breakfast, and a stroll along bloor st, we just couldn't handle it anymore and headed home. this weekend felt different than just a day trip to the city and i would definitely say our staycation was a success! 


Dyl said...

Can't wait to do it again!

Unknown said...

Love your blog!

It is job as cold in NYC.
I will stay tune!


Blicious said...

so fun! I love staycations! :)

Amber said...

You guys are such a fun couple, booking spontaneous trips! :)

The robe looks super comfy too!

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