Thursday, February 21, 2013

wipe out...

the weather has been all kinds of up and down lately. somewhat warm, really cold, rain, then snow. basically it's resulted in quite a bit of ice on the grounds. i was walking to my boss' house yesterday and made it all the way there, teetering while watching my every step (i mean, it's only a 5 minute walk away) and then right in front of the house beside hers..BAM. down i go. right on my side. ouch.

a lady walking her dog just down the street stopped her walk to make sure i was able to get up and her dog was barking at crazy at me haha she yelled out asking if i was ok, and i gave her the thumbs up. but oh am i in pain. i instantly got bruising and bumps and redness on my right forearm. my right thigh is pretty sore and i'm surprised there's not more of a bruise because it feels like there's one the size of a baseball. and to top it off, the last 2 days, i've had a kink in my neck from sleeping and i can't barely turn my head to the right haha i'm a mess.  it's actually worse today, on the 3rd day, and i'm wondering if the fall made it worse somehow?

pass the tylenol! 


Sara said...

I a clutz on icy sidewalks I know your pain! Feel better soon!

Amber said...

Poor girl! You're all banged up!

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