Thursday, January 3, 2013

the first snow...

right after christmas, we got our first dumping of snow. of course, we couldn't wake up to a white christmas, it had to come 2 days later!! either way, i'm just glad we finally got some beautiful, white snow. which also meant it was time to take out chloe's little red boots. i know i say this every year, but she loves wearing them and runs so fast in them. and she always gets compliments on them when i'm walking her.
the shoveled pee spot in my parents backyard.
lotsa white stuff.

trudging through the unshoveled park.

"i know i'm so cute." her coat it a little small, too..

we're supposed to get a little more today, but only under 1cm. that said, the temperatures are pretty cold, reading at about -10C (14F). yikes.


Sara said...

puppy looks adorable in all that snow!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you know this. But you have the CUTEST dog. And I freaking love the little red boots!


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