Monday, December 24, 2012

the stockings were hung...

or not so much hung as gently placed on the couch because they're so heavy. the photo below is actually from last year, and its from my parents place. 
from left to right: chloe (the dog, obvi), mocha (the cat), dylan, me, my 2nd one, my dad, and my mom.

my grandma made me and my dads stocking back when i was born, and my mom has had hers since she was a little girl. every year my dad complains because it's so small and he can hardly fit anything in it, but she refuses to get a new one. traditions :)

me and dylan bought cheap stockings, really just for looks, to hang on the window, and to have stockings. we weren't planning on filling them, until dylan told me the other day that he bought something for mine. and then, of course, we had to go out and buy stuff to fill each others. 

this will be the first year since i was born that i won't be waking up at my parents. that i won't be waiting for my mom to finish her make-up so that i can walk down the stairs and she can get the same picture she does every year. that i won't be at their place christmas eve to open pj's i get every year along with one other gift. it's now time that we start our own traditions in our own place, and for that, i'm excited. 

this afternoon, we're going to my aunts for an afternoon coffee and snacks and then heading to dylan's aunts for the evening. tomorrow morning, after we open our gifts here and get ourselves ready, we'll head over to my parents for gifts and a big breakfast there. and then! i'm off for the rest of the week, we're supposed to get a lot of snow on boxing day (the 26th), and my parents are also planning a lot of food for that day for us, too. think homemade mulled wine, eggnog french toast..all the yummy stuff.

merry christmas eve everyone! hope santa is good to you all! 


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas!

Amber said...

So sweet for you and Dylan to start your own traditions!!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas Bree! xoxoo

Rachel Emmilee said...

This was my second Christmas waking up with G in our own house. Every other year we stayed with my parents to carry out my childhood traditions.
Anyway, it's tough at first... But I'm already so in love with the traditions we have made together. We do some visiting and gift exchange with family on Christmas Eve, then go home to our cozy house and exchange gifts with each other. It's usually very romantic and fun, and then we get cozy and enjoy the peace and quiet... In the morning, we usually rush down to my parents place to meet my Sister's family (three small children)and open presents from Santa!
Merry Christmas, Bree! :)

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