Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the night before christmas...

i hope everyone had a fantastic christmas! i know i sure did. but first, we'll start with christmas eve. we somehow managed to visit 4 houses; we started at my aunts for some coffee, wine and desserts, then moved his to aunts for more food, apps, dinner etc, then to my parents to pick up chloe (and which i also got new pj's! (my mom wasn't giving up that tradition after all)), and back to dylan's parents to exchange a few gifts. it was a super long day, but family filled and fun.
first stop, my aunts. dylan is huge compared to my dad, it's true.

everyone loves fi, the morkie.
next stop, his aunts..

they also spoiled us with money and gift cards.
chloe at dylan's parents.

a big skull vodka. and 2 mini ones, too.
gift card to indigo; a favorite store.

i still don't like posting pictures of family, since they don't know about the blog, and therefore don't know they're online. therefore, you get mostly pictures of just us. next up: an amazing christmas morning...


Amber said...

LOVE! Dylan looks so excited, like a little kid. So cute :) Looks like y'all made out good with gifts!

Brittany SSP said...

Small tip- don't try shooting the vodka. It burns...and not in the good way.

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