Tuesday, December 4, 2012

hi, we live in canada. did you forget?

friday was a little bit of a crazy day. I was supposed to work at the office in the am then go off to my new job for 3pm (& spend my saturday off shopping with my mom), but something happened to a girl
at work & i had to go in saturday. therefore, canceling my friday shift. anyways, after a quick shift at the office, me and my mom went to a mall we haven't been to in years in hopes of getting some christmas shopping done. my mom was lucky enough to find a few things, but I walked out empty handed. we left the mall parking lot at 6:02pm, knowing we would he hitting some rush-hour traffic, but probably not more than an hour. we couldn't have been more wrong if we tried.

let me start by saying that this is normally a 40 minute drive. i fell asleep almost immediately (like i always do in cars) & woke up an hour later...to us still sitting in traffic. it had started very lightly flurrying out a few hours before. i kept updating twitter about how long this was taking, making a joke out of it. But 1 hour became 2 hours, became THREE hours. it became apparent that this wasn't rush-hour traffic anymore, but because of the snow, which was hardly anything, by canadian standards anyways. i was texting my dad around 7:30 and he was all, "guess i'll see you guys around 10pm!" and we were "haha, funny, ya right."

care to take a guess as to what time we walked in the door, from what should have been a 40minute drive? 11:58pm. MIDNIGHT. 6 HOURS LATER. i mean, i don't even understand! They say the first snowfall is always the worst on drivers, because everyone forgets how to drive in the snow, but this was craZzzyyy. Bumper to bumper for 6 hours, going no more than 5km/h most of the time. I don't think we got even more than 3cm of snow. parts of the highway were slippery with ice, i'll give it that, but still.. My god.
me and my mom started getting a little delusional! laughing at the hilarity and ridiculousness of this whole mess, what else could we do. Christmas music can only hold you over so long though. by hour 4 we were getting hungry! & thirsty! & i had to pee! man oh man, what an adventure *that* was.

this was the snow that held us up.

santa had a pretty awesome set-up though.

pretty pretty.


daniela said...

I still cannot believe this. Did you guys stop for food/bathroom break!?

Unknown said...

This really made me laugh! I live in North Carolina in the states and this is exactly what people do here. We don't get near as much snow as anywhere up north, but we do get a decent amount, and people are idiots around here when i comes to driving....they normally actually just abandon their cars in the snow and don't pick them up until its gone. Its pretty sad actually! Oh well, Merry Early Christmas!

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