Monday, December 3, 2012


dylan calls me cheap; i prefer to call myself frugal. i watch what i spend, i don't buy a whole lot, and i like to save where i can. dylan, on the other hand, could spend all day, every day if i let him. the boy likes to shop and likes his "things" and toys.

a long time ago, my dad had given me packs (maybe 50 or 60) of sample john freida blonde shampoo and conditioner (which i had used before and love) he had gotten from work. i had used the odd packet, but the rest stayed in a bag in my dresser. finally i had an empty shampoo and conditioner bottle and figured i may as well fill them up. dylan found this so ridiculous of me. "we have the money! you don't need to take the time to squeeze stuff into bottles!" i mean, really, it took all of 5 minutes. and i now have full bottles. for free. it's a win if you ask me.

just hard at work, saving a buck ;)


Anonymous said...

Found this post on 20sb, I'm the same way! If I have a pack of mushrooms and I'm making a salad, I'll save the last few mushrooms for the next day, just so I don't have to go back out and spend money on another pack. The ones that are left are probably small enough that I should just throw them in, but they are also enough to be on top of the next day's meal too!

Ivvy said...

I sort of agree with your boyfriend

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