Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a baking we will go...

the first weekend of december is usually the weekend my mom spends decorating the house and doing all her baking. i was upset when i was scheduled in to work both days, but for some reason, i was taken off the schedule on sunday, so i was able to help. in fact, i even spent friday to sunday at my parents sleeping there, like old times, because i worked early mornings and it was easier for them to drive me, and let dylan sleep from nights. she decided to keep it 'light' this year and only make 11 recipes. we started off with 5 recipes on the sunday, then she finished the other 6 on monday while i was working :(
the living room tree and the family room tree.

'fancy' you say?
white chocolate peppermint cookies cooling.
the best ginger molasses cookies.
a family tradition and my most favorite of favorite cookies; made every year since my mom was a little girl.

for some reason, we still don't have any of these delicious treats in our possession! i need to change that, pronto. do you have any family baking traditions? any cookies you have to make every year?


Rachel Emmilee said...

I wish I could say I did, but I am not a baker... My Mom does all the baking and I reep the benefits. I love cooking, so I make all the dips, cheese spreads, finger foods and such for Holiday get togethers... With baking, I'm all like, "ONLY a tsp of vanilla? Frig that!" *free pour* or, "I'll just use baking powder instead of soda, shouldn't matter..." But even when I do follow the recipe, it never comes out right. One of these years my Mom and older sister will rub off on me and I'll start baking, until then I will remain jealous of their baking talents.

safire said...

Your cookies and decorations all look so wonderful! I love this time of year!

Blicious said...

yum!!! the tree looks so pretty!

Teh Megan said...

I leave the baking to my mom, who does peanut butter balls and coconut balls every year. I used to help as a child, but I usually made a bigger mess and my whining was probably unbearable, so it was easier to do it without me.

Also, LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the present on the wall. I am trying to find something to wrap and hang on a wall as soon as I submit this comment!

Rachel Emmilee said...

Darn! I had no idea my email account WASN'T linked to my Blog, and I have no idea how to fix that! I'd love for Bloggers to have easier access to reply to my comments... How do I do this!? Thanks for the heads up! :)

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