Monday, December 10, 2012

3 strikes...

you know, living together isn't always easy. the other night, it was just one thing after another. all little things, but after a long day at work, it kinda put me over the edge! i got home from work around 6:30 and shortly after that, dylan left to go visit a friend in toronto.

all day at work, i had been thinking about the end of the bag of ruffles sour cream and onion that were under the cupboard. i couldn't wait to get home and eat them on the couch with some tv. note: i love the bottom of chip bags. as soon as he left, i went for the chips, and they were gone. i went out the door and yelled down from the deck as he was getting into the car, "you ate my chips!?!?" and then i might of laughingly called him an "asshole", not knowing he couldn't tell i was laughing from far away, and that the neighbors were out..oops. but really, i was a little ticked. strike one.

ok, i thought, i brought some brownie bites home from baking with my mom the night before, i'll just eat those. look everywhere, they're gone. i text dylan. he threw them out. they had cream cheese and weren't put in the fridge. i would have ate them anyways, but not dylan. out they went! strike two.

ok fine, i guess i'm left with a hunk of cheese from the fridge and i'll just watch 2 broke girls that i taped the night before. except i went to dvr list of taped items, it was 0% full. meaning everything was deleted. again, i texted dylan, and he said he thought everything was watched and he deleted it all. omg. strike three. he was on a roll that night, and not a good one. i tried to calmly inform him that when i watch something, i delete it. if it's there, i haven't watched it!

what a night.

when he came home the next morning, in fact, as i was typing this post, he had brought me an eggnog latte as a "please forgive me for ruining your night in multiple ways" gesture. all was forgiven.


Brittany SSP said...

I have SO had those days! Eating (or throwing away) the last of anything is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves. Even as a kid, I would always ask my parents "Hey is it okay if I have this?" if it was the last of anything, even though they didn't require it (my dad thought they were too mean if I couldn't eat without guilt, haha). It's just polite!

Unknown said...

I have to put my name on my crispy minis and sugar free red bull so they don't get chomped haha

daniela said...

I'm angry just reading this. And a latte wouldn't suffice. What can I say, I hold grudges.

Bare with me...I'm catching up hard core...

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