Friday, November 30, 2012

a christmas glow...

it's not quite december, and i've already decorated. i really wanted to get us a full sized tree to decorate for our first year in our own place; i mean, that bay window is just calling for it. but i considered the cost of buying a new tree and then all new decorations and i figured we would just stick it out with my small one from my apartment for this last year and then buy new stuff once it's sale after christmas.
a pretty glow.

decorations showcasing things i love: coffee (and having worked at starbucks), eeyore, baking, and that's just me in the reflection of the silver ball ;)
chloe's stocking on the right hand side, which needs to be hung still.
some christmas scents mixed in.
around the house.

couldn't decorate without rum and eggnog.

every night, i come home from work and put the lights on, and watch some tv in the glow. now, i just gotta get working on the christmas shopping.


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

Soo pretty!!

Ibitz said...

Very pretty! Nothing wrong with early decorating! :) We put up christmas and halloween decor at least a month or more in advanced! =P

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Ronnica said...

Cute! I like the vase. I should do something like that, but in blue, since that's the color of my Christmas decorations.

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