Friday, September 7, 2012

adventures of a diy headboard...

i'm not really a big fan of diy things, i'm just not creative and it generally wouldn't come out how it supposed to. but i did see a barn board headboard on pinterest eons ago and knew that i wanted it for our bedroom. i mean, a couple boards put together, seems easy enough. seeing as we've been here 2 months now, i was kind of wondering where exactly we were going to get this barn board from. enter: my mom. someone she works with lives on 32 acres and has a dilapidated barn and said we could come on over and take anything we liked. finally, we found a day to go and we're now one step closer to having a headboard.

funny thing, on the ride there with my mom, dylan didn't know that my mom worked with the woman whose house were going to. he thought my mom just asked every patient when they came up to the desk, "hey, do you have barn board?!" lol silly dylan.

disapproving looks from me.

in case you thought i just stood around and let the men do the work, let me prove you wrong! i took out a nail, dammit, and it was hard work!

 we've got our boards!

oh ya, there's also bees on the farm..

1 hard worker, and 1 onlooker who pointed out good boards.

the husband was even nice enough to cut the board to size for us, and give it a wash to get the dirt and dust off. i really hope this works out, and in the next few days, we can get this headboard made!


Delaney said...

Love it!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

FUN! I can't wait to see the finished product!

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