Wednesday, August 22, 2012

konzelmann estate winery...

when we went to a winery a couple weeks ago, i had mentioned that we loved it and when we left we had found another deal online that was too good to pass up. for $35, we got a tour and tasting for 4 plus a cheese platter, and a $40 gift card to spend in the wine store. this past weekend, we went with my parents.

beautiful. right on the water. 
and it was such a clear day that you could see toronto right across the water. *:( i miss it* had i brought my good camera, i would have tried to capture it, but it's right in the right hand corner before the 3 trees and the house starts.

modeled after a german castle (the family is german)

which one to buy?
a little spiel about the family from the guide before the drinking.
the bottling room.

6 generations of wine makers.
the 4 wines we tried. their icewine has won award after award after award.


i absolutely loved the look of this place, more so than the other one we went to. this has more of a castle feel, and less of a 'hall' feel (thinking wedding venue-wise). but, the tour itself, dylan and i agreed that we liked the other winery better (chateau des charmes). it was a bit more professional, there was a smaller group, we sat down to do the tasting at tables of 4, there were separate glasses for each wine. this one was a group of about 20 people, we reused the same glasses, and it was generally more impersonal. that's not to say we didn't enjoy ourselves though! with the $40 we were given to spend in the store, we picked up a bottle of red (for dylan) and i chose pinot grigio and the peach wine we had sampled. we had to put in $15  of our own money, but well worth it! 1 of those 3 bottles was consumed by me the very next day...very delicious indeed.


Dylan said...

I think this really captured the feeling of our day trip nicely! Good work.

Unknown said...

That is a great deal...I definitely would've taken advantage. The vineyard looks beautiful and it seems like you had a wonderful time!

Amber said...

ahhh, this looks fabulous. I Must get to a winery!

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