Monday, August 27, 2012

house tour; the living room...

i figured it was about time i take some pictures of our place and get them up here. given that our place was nice and clean for company last week, that's when i went ahead and took a bunch (minus the bedroom, that's still unfinished. we need side tables, more wall pictures, and a headboard).
i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but we're in a 2 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor of a house. i'm starting today with the living room, where we spend the most time. i think we still need something else on one particular wall, but who knows how long that will take or what it will even be.
 the super old eyesore AC...i just pretend not to notice it!

 the bit of wall beside of the tv, that's where i'm thinking we need something, it's too bare. any ideas?
 the 2 bird photos on either side of the window, i took. the wine rack-wine that we're buying from winery tours.
 the bird pillow! my first etsy purchase. (from this shop)
in love with the trunk. belonged to dylan's grandma's great-grandmother. whoa.

there's the first room! it's so nice to have a couch that we can both fit on comfortably; i favor the short side of the 'L' and dylan takes the long. the bay window is great too; it brings in so much light and really brightens the room up. oh, and the hardwood floors, love the floors.


Lindsey said...

That couch looks super comfy! I dream of having a sectional one day. Sighhhh....

Love the room. You did a great job and the trunk adds a perfect vintage touch!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love the artwork over the couch and the trunk as well!

Amber said...

I'm loving the furniture and the colors, looks great! As for the wall by the TV, you could start a gallery wall!

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