Friday, August 24, 2012

company's coming...

on sunday, we had my parents and my aunt and uncle over for a bbq. we wanted to say thank you because my uncle was the one who helped us move the last of my big stuff from toronto using his truck and his time. and, they're also the ones taking us on vacation next month. we had a tonne of food, the drinks were flowing, and the laughter was never ending. (i'm iffy about posting too many people on this blog/family, so enjoy a few yellow blobs on some faces!)
making mini caprese skewers.
dad buttering up the shrimp.
dylan telling a story and my 'you're such an exaggerator' face.
peach wine from the winery the day before.

hanging on the cooler for a better view.

double fisting the prosecco? appears to be that way.

dad the chef.

this stuff was awesome. i would know. i drank the whole thing.
the hosts.

*countdown until vacation: 21 days!*

1 comment:

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Double fisting, my kinda girl! I need to come to your parties!

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