Friday, August 31, 2012

house tour; kitchen & deck...

the last part of the house tour! (for now; our bedroom should be done shortly) our kitchen is most definitely a lot larger than the one i had in toronto, but still, there seems to be a shortage of cabinet space?? i don't get it, but we need way more; things are crammed in there like no tomorrow.
*ignore the mistake above the 'kitchen' canvas. it was supposed to be one of those "no harm wall hanger" things and it well.. harmed the wall by taking the paint off when we put it in the wrong spot. paint has been bought to fix it, we need to actually do it*
this is from the office door.
the door leads to the deck, and is usually the stairs/door we use to come into our place.

 all pictures of us eating, in our kitchen, naturally.
 dylan's 'bar'.
the door right by the bar is the door we could come in if we came in from the main floor. bedroom on the left just after, living room, and then bathroom on the right.
pretty usual. we still need a bath mat when you step out of the shower, and an actual shower curtain with a design. also, across from the toilet is a great floor to ceiling shelving unit with doors.
the deck we love so much.
lanterns at night.

the kitchen/hallway/bathroom all stayed the color it was when we moved in. it was neutral and we just didn't feel the need to paint it. the kitchen could be bigger (kitchens can always be bigger!), but it does the job. in the end, we really love our place, which is obviously important. the city? i'm still working on that. it's got no love from me. i'm missin' toronto hard. here's to hoping we'll be back when this lease is up ;)


Amber said...

I love the way you've decorated. TOO cute that you framed pics of y'all eating in the kitchen :) I may have to steal that idea for my next place ;)

Love that little shelf in the kitchen above the sink.

Diana Pearl said...

I love your photo frames - they're so one one top of the other it looks awesome!! x

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay I love all the pics of you guys eating, what a cute idea!

Clarinda said...

Your place is so adorable! I love the lanterns on the deck. Makes me wish we had a nice deck...

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