Thursday, August 30, 2012

don't get too close...

it seems to be that on the hottest days, we go for the longest walks. it's never planned that way, it just happens. on this particular day, we went down by the water, saw a bunch of geese, some cute ducks, and basically sweat our faces off. as for chloe, we took lots of breaks in the shade and had plenty of water for her.

i'm [not] on a boat.
i got really close to these geese, and then dylan tells me, "you should watch out. they can attack."

swans, doing whatever swans do.

so many of them, just floating along in life.

almost 3 hours later, we were back home, exhausted and eating freezies to cool off.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

My dad just said the same thing today, he and my mom took their dog for a super long walk today. She GULPED water when they got back!

Clarinda said...

Looks like it was totally worth it, though. What a fun walk!

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