Friday, July 6, 2012

settling in...

our place is coming along nicely, though we still need all the decorative touches, like hanging pictures, finding throw pillows, a throw know, little things like that. the office on the other hand? i have no words. it's nearly up to the ceiling with boxes, book shelves, my old couch; it's a real nightmare. i'll hold off on pictures of the rooms until i feel like they're a little more complete ;)
in our new place, with our new keys.
moving day 1/painting day..the only things in the fridge.
unfiltered, straight from the camera sunset from our deck.

oh hi. i'm exhausted!
first day moving stuff in, pre-painting.
things have to be put together, and not by me.
our first breakfast on the deck sunday morning.
patio furniture a must!
i helped a little bit, but mostly just passed the screws and hung out.

i'm hoping this weekend we're able to get pictures on the wall and get the living room closer to being done. but, finding yellow pillows that i like is surprisingly hard.

*edit: i just ordered a pillow from the etsy shop HenriettaAndMorty! can't wait for it to get here :)

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Amanda said...

Definitely looks like you're making progress! It's been almost a month and a half since we've moved and we're STILL not fully unpacked/done...oops?! My goal is to just finish the bedroom, then move on to the next after that.

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