Monday, July 9, 2012

glossybox [june]...

i think glossybox keeps getting better and better every month.i was quite happy to open the box up and see more than the usual 5 products. this month's box will have me summer ready in no time. lets get to the goods...
$15 for all this; unbelievable. 
biore 4-in-1 revitalizing cleanser, gillette venus embrace razor, and wella professionals ocean spritz 
neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch suncreen lotion spf 55, biore deep cleansing pore strip, play regenerist wrinkle revolution complex, and cover girl flipstick-blendable lip duo.
my audience as i opened up the box.

biore 4-in-1 revitalizing cleanser- we got a full size (200ml) bottle of this which sells for $9.99. i gave it a try and while it definitely removed my makeup with no problems, boy does it sting your eyes! i always wash my whole face with my cleanser (usually neutrogena), eyes included, then open my eyes to wet the facecloth and wipe it off. there's never any stinging with neutrogena, but with this biore? yeah, i won't be opening my eyes when i was my face with this. otherwise, it's a fine cleanser.
gillette venus embrace razor- what can i say? it's a razor? it keeps my legs smooth, and this is the kind i usually use anyways. truth me told, i hadn't unpacked my razors yet for the shower, and was thinking about it in the morning, and then i opened the box, and ta-da! a razor. perfect timing. also note: i haven't bought a razor in years. i have so many free ones from toronto; they're always handing out free stuff. 1 kit sells for $13.43.
wella ocean spritz- another full size (150ml) bottle which sells for $16.99. i used it on my dry hair like they said, and i get that beachy hair is kind of dry, but this just made my hair feel like straw. i'm not sure i'm a fan. i also have the bumble and bumble surf spray, and i would say they're pretty comparable. one positive thing, i did like the smell. 
cover girl flipstick-blendable lip duo- yet another full size product which sells for $12.50. i think a few different colors were given out and i got 'whisper' which i'm quite happy with. it's a nice light pink and i really like the way it looks. however, my only complaint is that it really dried out my lips.
neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunscreen- we got a little sample size in spf 55. i'm pretty certain i've never worn anything that high before! as fair as i am, i usually stick to spf 4 or 8. crazy, i know. and i usually don't get burt. anyways, i've yet to try this out, but it smelled nice and light. i'll save it for a day when i'm going to be outside for a while on a super hot day and need that extra protection.
olay regenerist wrinkle revolution complex- even though it was a little mini sample, there was enough for me to use it 7 nights. i can't say too much on this product, as i obviously saw no improvements in only 7 days (they say you see some after 14 days), but it did absorb into my skin very quickly, which was nice before bed.
biore deep cleansing pore strips-everyone knows of these strips; i personally think they're great. we got one in the box and it was just a little added bonus. i've got a box in my cupboard, so clearly, i'm already a fan.

as you can see, the full size products alone come to just under $55, then add in the 3 little samples?? well worth the $15 this month. keep it up glossybox!


Amber said...

I have been so on the fence about joining this. For all of that for only $15 though? I think it may be worth it!

Joyewonder said...

I've never even heard of this! What a great idea!

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