Friday, July 13, 2012

by the water...

every summer while my mom is on vacation, we make it a point to go to niagara on the lake for a day of relaxing by the water and a little browsing of the shops. it's not far from niagara falls, and we were thinking how weird it is that people travel from all over the world to see these falls, and yet here we are, just an hour away, and we barely go. the last time i was in niagara falls, was maybe 5 years ago? even if we go to the casino on the american side, we certainly don't look at the falls. perhaps we should take a visit over there this summer and appreciate what we have..

chocolate apples. the best.
mom and chloe, posing perfectly.

i fell asleep, like usual.
i finally got a picture of a bird in flight!

even though this was last week, we went back again yesterday sans chloe, so we could actually go into the stores. we didn't buy anything, except for fudge, which is a pretty important purchase if you ask me. and if you're wondering, we got peanut butter, my favorite :)


Unknown said...

My parents and I visited Niagra on the Lake when we went to Niagra Falls a couple of years ago. Such a contrast to the area around Niagra Falls itself! It was beautiful.

safire said...

I visited Niagara Falls on the Canada side two summers ago and simply fell in love with the town! I remember having some really delicious ice cream at this confection shop!

Gorgeous photos!!! I always think people who live in the area put off going to places because it's so convenient. I live 30 minutes from the beach and I go there less than a few times a year!

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