Monday, July 16, 2012

a day trip...

when dylan has days off (especially a random day during the week), we try to make the best of it. last wednesday, we were originally going to run some errands (fairly boring), but we decided to make a little trip to st jacobs instead. it's only an hour away and a bit away and it's been years since either of us had been there. unfortunately, because we went midweek, the food market and the antiques were closed, but we still browsed the other shops and ate some great hamburgers at jacob's grill. we were also really canadian and sampled maple syrups. we ended up buying a bottle and 2 of those little pure sugar maple leaf shaped .. things? candy? whatever you would call them.
 black and white. opposites. we go together.

samplers. (how did we get roped into buying real maple syrup? that's dylan for ya..)

a lot of mennonites live in or around st jacobs, so it's pretty common to see horse and buggies around the little town. while we did see a few, i somehow managed to not get a single picture. but we did go in to a bakery that appeared to be run by mennonites and got a few treats and they were delicious. overall, there isn't a whole lot to do in that town, as it's very tiny and generally geared towards an older crowd, but it was a nice little escape for a few hours.

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Danielle said...

Hi Bree :)

I always love reading your blogs, and I'm sorry for never posting anything!
I'm taking a summer math class, which actually gives me more time to myself without my 4 year old lil man running all around me hehe
So...I just wanted to drop you a line (or 2) and I love your pics, you take awesome pics!
I especially love the pics of the maple syrup and the store you went in to...

<3 Danielle

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