Monday, July 30, 2012

a bump in the road...

i'm not really sure how to write this post, and i wasn't sure i was going to at all, but dylan said this our journal and this is a huge part of our life. therefore, might as well just come out and say it. if you follow me on twitter, you already know. as of thursday, dylan lost his job. and as you know, i just moved here 4ish weeks ago, so i still don't have one. he had found out that it was a possibility the previous friday, so we tried to keep our hopes up. he was hoping he would find out on monday, but nothing. then tuesday, word. i found out wednesday night i had an interview on thursday afternoon (at a measly barely above minimum wage job. diploma and degree? no help here!).

just after 12pm on thursday, dylan told me he was taking a half day because he really wasn't feeling good. stupid me didn't even clue in. he came home and came with me for the trek to my interview because i wasn't quite sure how to get there. once the interview was done, he asked me how it was and what i thought about it. i said it seemed a little off and i wasn't a fan of the hours, and it really wasn't what was advertised; it said reception, but turns out it's actually more so sales. yeah, i'm not a seller. he pretty much told me if it was offered to me, i would have to take it because he lost his job that morning. of course that's why he came home. duh! i thought i would be fine, but right there on the street, i just started crying. he said he didn't want to tell me before my interview because he didn't want the added stress and pressure going in. thank god.

as for where we are now, we'll be looking for jobs, which is a given. i have no doubt that dylan can find something fairly quickly; he's got a lot of connections. he's still got some money coming in, and luckily, i'm really quite frugal, so i have decent amount of savings to use in the meantime. he's also signed up for a course (in september) that takes one week and allows him to make quite a bit of money once he's licensed. it's completely different than what he went to school for, but if it works a bit, then that'll do. even if it took us a couple months to find jobs, we will still be fine financially, so that eases the pressure quite a bit.

i know we'll be ok, but there's nothing else to say other than it sucks that we're facing this problem just a month after moving in together.
two unemployed fools.


Amanda said...

Bummer, I'm so sorry to hear about this bump in the road. But you're both super smart and talented, so I know something will come both of your ways soon! Sending positive job getting vibes your way!

naghmeh said...

aw I'm sorry that really is a bummer. But you two seem to have a plan and that is always good! so keep working at it and hopefully you'll pull through soon.
lots of hugs xx

Lindsey said...

I'm so sorry to hear that but I have faith you will be back on your feet in no time. Best wishes to you and hubs! And good luck! Try the website if you don't use that already. It pulls job openings from all online job boards.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh that is such a bummer lady. I've been through unemployment and it is absolutely no fun whatsoever. But stay strong and be positive... you'll both find something soon.

Clarinda said...

So sorry to hear about this little bump. Boooo... You guys will do just fine, though.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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