Friday, July 27, 2012

she's got electric boots a mohair suit...

it's funny that not too long ago i was saying how we live so close to niagara falls, yet never go. turns out, last saturday we had the chance. dylan's brother and his girlfriend had tickets to go see rocket man; a tribute to elton john at the casino and asked if we wanted to go. not one to pass up a free show (and free birthday entertainment), we went. they were staying over in the falls, and had booked a hotel room, so when we got to the casino, we went up to see the room while they finished getting ready. when we walked in, i couldn't believe the view; looking right out to the falls. i kind of forgot how awesome it is.
 my handsome date.
birthday duck face gone to far. just because.
 the falls! there was actually a double rainbow, but it's not visible.

 apparently, it's hard to focus on us and not have the falls whited out, so the focus is on the falls!

dylan's brother in the back..
his brother also played the $100 slots. yes, a spin=$100. he lost. there goes $100! i felt sick just watching him. (it was money he won 5 minutes before; put $40 in the $5 slots, left with $220)

before the show, we went out for dinner at brasa, a brazilian steakhouse (which also serves chicken for us mostly chicken eaters), where they come around with huge skewers of meet and ask if you'd like some. there must be 20 different kinds going around. there was also a  great salad bar. but i think my favorite was the grilled pineapple covered in cinnamon which gets all crispy on the grill. as pricey as this place is, his brother picked up the whole bill; talk about generous!

as for the show, i thought it was great! i was thinking it would be one guy with a live band, but it turned out to be a bunch of singers, dancers, and costume changes. quite entertaining to say the least. and we were the youngest there by about 15-20 years. yeah!


Emma Louise said...

Looks so beautiful! Would love to see the falls one day!


Clarinda said...

Great pictures of the Falls!!

Anonymous said...

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