Tuesday, June 26, 2012


a few updates as to where we are purchases for our  new place (mostly for us to read back on)...first of all, moving and furnishing is expensive!! i hate it and it kills me to see the money leaving my (and our new joint) account, especially because for me, it's not being replenished. you know, with no job and all! (for those new here, i quit my job here in the city 2 weeks ago, and i'll be looking again once we're all moved in.)

we've bought most of the big things; the bed frame, a new queen mattress, box spring, bedding and sheets, cutlery, couch for the living room, light for the living room, and some  miscellaneous decorative pieces. one of the big splurges which we definitely didn't need, but dylan wanted oh so badly? a brand spankin' new 50" led tv. which also means we got a beautiful new tv stand (well, hopefully beautiful in person, dylan ordered it online).

there are a few things that we're using from my current place, like my kitchen table and chairs, dresser for the bedroom, couch (for the 2nd bedroom), and a living room table that belongs to dylan...these pieces aren't ideal, but they'll work for now until we can slowly replace them with new stuff.

of course, there are still things we need, like a patio set (so we can enjoy our deck!), pictures and what not to make it 'homey' and a bbq (which my parents are getting for us!) we have plans to make our own headboard, so hopefully that will happen sooner than later. as for 2nd bedroom, the plan is for it to be an office, but i think for a while it will be a 'collect all the things' room while the other rooms get finished first. it's a lot of work this whole moving thing.

currently hanging out in my parents dining room.

wanna know something cool? our good friend since college is moving into my place!! how cool is that? he needed a place as of july 1st, and when dylan told him that my landlord was showing my place all day last week, he asked if he could get in. i let my landlord know and he was one of the 7 or so people that came through. at the end of the next day, it was official that my landlord had picked him!! honestly, it makes me feel so much better that i know the person moving in. knowing that me and dylan can still come back to toronto, and see my place, it makes leaving it a little bit easier.


safire said...

I remember moving from our one bedroom rental to our new 3 bedroom house and feeling overwhelmed with how much we had to do (buy) to make it a home.

Congratulations on your new home! I did a similar thing where we purchased the big must-have items before slowly buying decorative stuff. It's definitely still a work in progress.

Good luck with everything! A giant flat-screen was on my boyfriend's must-haves too haha

Amanda said...

It's so nice to know that we're doing this whole moving thing at the same time :) Especially since there just seems to be SO much more that you need than you originally anticipated. Yes, M bought us a brand new 47" LED 3D TV, which arrives today, along with our new mattress. We're so excited it's like Christmas :)

Unknown said...

I hate how expensive furniture is! My roommate is going to be moving to Chicago later this year and she owns all the common room furniture. I'm not looking forward to replacing it all!

Anonymous said...

when i moved in to my apartment for school last year, i got super lucky. my gramma was downsizing her house and one of my cousins had just finished his time at UofT, and moved back home to ancaster with a garage full of furniture. between the two of them, i (my parents) didn't have to pay a dime to furnish the place!

if it makes you feel better though, i'm about to shell out a big chuck for tuition! haha.

Meghan said...

Moving is such a pain, but it sounds like you have made some fun purchases! You'll have to do a blog tour of the new place!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Moving is a pain but it sounds like you're trying to have fun with it as well.

Brittany SSP said...

Moving is SUCH a PITA (former Army couple here, trust me- been there & done that). Hopefully the details & big purchases will be over soon & you can start the fun, decorative & personalization part. It's been a little over three years (and three separate homes) and we are almost done weeding out our "acceptable for now" items for good stuff, haha. But it's been a fun journey!

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