Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a baby shower...

last month, my cousin had an adorable little baby girl. sunday was her shower, and boy oh boy was that little one spoiled! the company was nice, the food was delicious, and the desserts were never-ending. my mom had ordered some cakepops from a patient where she works, who just does it for fun, and they were awesome! she's only recently started charging (a very decent price) because more and more people are asking her for orders.

adorable, no?
i don't shy away from the dessert table.
the feet! i die. and a little soother. oh my.
me and my grandma (dads mom). she's about to be 90 :)

i think i need an excuse to order some type of cakepops from this woman! because a baby is most definitely not in my near future!


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I love a good shower. I am looking for ideas for a kick A bridal shower right now.

Unknown said...

Love that you didn't shy away from the delicious looking dessert! The pops are amazing, what a creative lady :)

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