Thursday, June 28, 2012

miscellaneous on my last day in the city...

today is my last day here in toronto, so my mind is kind of elsewhere. it doesn't really feel real yet...the fact that this place isn't mine anymore, as of july 1st. we go to get the keys tomorrow and my dad is going to start painting, and then saturday is when we come back to get the last big pieces to bring to our new place- like my couch, tables, and all the things that couldn't go before the end (dishes, food etc.) so i leave you with some photos that had no real home in their own post...
after the baby shower, we picked the little one up from the groomers.

summer shave down! who knew she was such a skinny mini under all that hair?!
lattes on a patio with mom.
sent this picture to dyl as i was getting ready for bed. this is what he better get used to!
dried flowers i got from dylan eons ago.
enjoying my last few coffees on the porch. which will soon be replaced by a deck.
a stroll through philosophers walk the other day.
someone is totally not stressed about the move.

there were tears last night. and i'm sure there will be more to come :(


Deidre said...

Moving is sooo hard. I find it nearly impossible to balance the feelings of nostalgia from the place I'm leaving for the happiness and newness of the new place. Le sigh.

Danielle said...

Thank goodness we can visit the places we love. Today at work I got a call from my home area code (I live in Utah but I'm from Kansas) and I almost cried I miss it so much. But you can go back, and that's what makes it bearable! Love your blog!

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