Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter treats...

after all the deep fried food on friday, it didn't stop there. come sunday, i also made some chocolate suckers, my mom made brownies, and another triple layer purple cake for my grandma's birthday. enough desserts or what?? on top of all this, my grandma had made an almond cheesecake, too.
 working away. being precise.

 don't interrupt the artist!

 voila! notice the broken eat on the little bunny on the right? :(

god, i love cake.

to say i ate too much dessert and junk this weekend is an understatement. and then add in all the stuff i got from the easter bunny..oy! i'm not opening any of the chocolate until after the wedding this wedding. if it's open, i will eat it, and i don't need a chocolate belly :P

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