Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter is still fun for a 24 year old...

this same easter basket has been used for pretty much my whole life; pretty awesome, no? my mom packs it full of chocolate (m&m's and hershey kisses-my favorite! and white m&m's which i've never seen before and can't wait to try!), makeup, gift cards (starbucks and grocery stores) and other random things.
the loot.
alsothis michael kors bracelet.
of course, dylan isn't left out.
happy as a clam.

i'm dying to dive into all of my chocolate, but i'm resisting the urge and going slowly. or i at least need to balance it out with carrots or something.


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

thats too cute.. i got one too from my dad but i had to fly back home so i couldnt bring all the candy.. just the bear he gave me

Sarah said...

It's so cool your mom still does Easter baskets! I LOVE white M&Ms- my fav!

Unknown said...

In addition to those white m&m's you have to try the almond m&ms! To die for! :)

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