Monday, January 30, 2012

lazy weekend...

this weekend, i ate good. like i do most weekends at home. i spent friday and saturday relaxing, making food, and just eating it. then i went back to toronto for a work party on saturday night. my mom slept over and sunday we got some breakfast, went to the book store, and then hung out in front of the tv, watched way too much, and then watched crazy, stupid, love. i'm getting sick, so this was a good weekend for me.
i {heart} vera wang. had to snap a picture while walking by with dylan.
woke up saturday morning, my mom says, "you want peanut butter cookies?" yes! and then i made a couple dozen.
look what i finally found!! oh-my-god-good!!
i was watching rachael ray last week (love her show and easy recipes) and she made this, and i decided i must make it immediately. so me and my mom did for lunch on saturday.

spinach artichoke and ricotta pie. it turned out delicious.
and then we made candied pecans with a hint of cayenne pepper thrown in.
my piggy bank is growing! $500 and counting. grow, baby, grow! (i've written more here about what it's for)
how cute is this? these 2 guys were waiting so patiently while their owner was shopping for jewelry. tails were wagging and they were just hangin' out.

and now, it's monday again. luckily, i only have a 4 day week again. i could get used to this. now lets hope my head clears up and soon enough, i don't want to rip my whole throat out. yes, rip it all out. sore throats suck.


Unknown said...

Love the dogs..... and the spinach pie!!

safire said...

I saw that spinach pie on RR last week too! It looks splendid!

I *heart* Vera Wang too :). Her new line of home accessories is amazing too!

Those two dogs are precious!

Anonymous said...

aw man, cold's do suck. i just got over the nastiest one about 2 weeks ago. feel better soon!

oh, and that red velvet ice cream! where did you find it? it's pres choice so i'm assuming zhers?

Katie's Kollections said...

This post just made me hungry. LOL

Amanda said...

That dish and cookies look so good. I hope you feel better soon! And yay for so much saved for your trip!

Amber said...

That wedding dress is gorge! Also, I LOVE PB cookies.. but I normally wait until after they come outta the oven to make the fork marks which results in a flat smooshed cookie.. I'm gonna try it this way instead!

jessica said...

Those dogs are adorable! And seriously, all your food looks amazing! Must make the spinach ricotta pie soon!

jessica said...

PS- the picture of your pie looks WAY better than hers. Just sayin :)

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