Thursday, October 13, 2011

halloween scream...

halloween is quickly approaching and while i'm normally way ahead of the game, this year i just don't know what to do. i started thinking of costumes way back in july/august, but have since thrown those ideas out the window. i had plenty of time to come up with a grand idea, and now all of a sudden i have a mere 2 weeks. where does the time go? i'll likely be working till 730ish and then have to go back home to my parents (an hour away), so i need something fairly quick and easy. must put my mind to work.

previous years i've been a cat, a sexy secretary (oh common, everyone has been a sexy somethingoranother at one point in time), a 50's housewife, a so you think you can dance contestant and a dead bride. you can see the post where i did a recap of them all here. (i noticed that post has been the most popular the last few days, so might as well give the people what they want and talk about halloween!)

but i have to say, my favorite was dressing up as a dead bride. i've never been anything dead or bloody before, so i got quite a thrill from it. i'm a little weird. whatever.

1) while i loved my teased curled hair, it was an absolute nightmare to wash out.
2) we won best costume ;) $100
3) the dress cost me $40 at a thrift store and fit like a glove. i cut up the bottom and rubbed dirt on to make it look like i came from a grave. (full post with more pictures here)

anyone know what they're doing yet?? or have any ideas for me, maybe??


Unknown said...

haha! it's like lohan in mean girls! love it.

Amy said...

If you're dressing up together some good ones are

Rabbit/deer and hunter (boys always like a gun)

Garth and Wayne

Fire and Ice

Taryn said...

Pretty awesome, my sister like to go on Zombie Pub Crawls--you'd fit right in =)

Emily @ TheLastWord said...

This makes me want to go thrift shopping! I normally plan my costume months ahead of time, but i'm still at a loss.

Unknown said...

i'm still not sure what i'm doing. the boy and i might do little red riding hood and the wolf...still pondering on that though. can't wait to see your costume.


s1814 said...

I know the pressure feeling. I got on my costume relatively early this year. Going as a circus ring leader. Got a cute top hat fascinator and red jacket with gold buttons. Too excited!

Kasey Lynne said... did such a great job with the ENTIRE costume. You didn't slack off one bit!!

love it.

Amanda said...

Hot damn! You're one good looking dead bride, if that's even possible. How did you get those ringlets?!

Carolynn Cecilia said...

very nice! and quite authentic.

Carly Ann said...

I know the feeling! I thought I had everything all planned out, but my boyfriend is now being a party pooper and doesn't want to dress up, which makes my Red Riding Hood costume seem not as cool since i won't have a big bad wolf at my side :(

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